If you are looking for a powerful combination of learning and doing, then Institute membership is right for you.

We offer a 12 month membership program that is structured to give you maximum value.  Each month you receive a new module on your personal dashboard. The multimedia training is sequenced so that each module builds on the next.  You won’t suffer overwhelm because you can’t get ahead of yourself or get stuck.  New material is there when you need it.

We put our program together using the following 7 core principles:

1. Curriculum Our multimedia curriculum is based on the Hidden Profit System developed by our founder Stephanie Diamond who has had a long and successful career helping online business owners succeed. (See her bio here). Ten modules are delivered over a 12 month membership period. The modules contain all the action oriented materials you need to get your business growing.

They include:

Bonus: Getting yourself set-up for success

1. What you need to know to successfully sell online

2. Who you should sell to make profits fast

3. What you can leverage to find hidden assets

4. Content matters: developing and re–purposing

5. How you should sell it: Offers and product packages

6. Delivery mechanisms

7. Campaigns and testing

8. Evaluating your promotions

9. Productivity and systems

10. Planning your next cycle of success

2. Success Journaling At the Institute we believe that keeping a business journal is a strong success indicator. The journal content will be collected by you over the membership year as we go through the curriculum and will then be published for you as a 6×9 perfect bound journal by our publishing partner Vervante. It can include up to 200 pages of your notes, maps, templates, details of campaigns and anything else you want to document. You’ll be able to look back over the year and see conclusively what progress you’ve made and where you can improve. If you can learn to write your own prescription for success, you’ll be a true leader.

3. Visual thinking In the 21st century, visual thinking is key to working online. We use mind maps, charts, templates, images and anything that will help make the material easier to understand and implement. Stephanie Diamond has written the recently published “Prezi for Dummies” book from Wiley. It deals with the presentation software Prezi that is used as a digital story-telling tool. All of these techniques will be part of the learning platform.

4. Asking the right questions Asking the right questions is critical to helping your business grow fast. As part of your membership you will be able to ask questions at our live monthly Q&A calls. You are encouraged to attend the calls live and perhaps volunteer for a ‘hot seat’ where we discuss and suggest solutions to your most pressing problems.

5. Tools to make it easier We don’t hesitate to use every tool we can find to make your work easier. We would rather you start with a template then have to create anything from scratch. We believe this makes for a more rounded experience.

6. Expert advisors Our hand-picked group of advisors will share what they know about growing a business online. Their experience brings an added depth to the curriculum in the form of interviews and articles.

7. Content In addition to the articles, free tips and other materials we also have a Special Reports Library open only to members. Here you’ll find tactical information on all the most important subjects like social media, blogging, etc.

If all of this sounds right for you, jump over to our Membership page and click Buy Now! We’ll see you on the inside.

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